MaidSafe Rate Analysis: Can an old pet dog discover brand-new techniques?

MaidSafe Rate Analysis: Can an old pet dog discover brand-new techniques?

MaidSafeCoin (MAID), the native token of the SAFE network, is presently noted as the 59 th biggest digital property on the planet bymarket capitalization It presently trades at $0.247 and the network deserves over 450 million USD.

It has actually revealed reasonably strong short-term efficiency having actually increased roughly 16% given that the 14 th of August. It has actually been buoyed by strong external conditions which have actually propped up the broader altcoin market, and internal advancements, such as the release of a brand-new agreement algorithm white paper.

The paper elaborated on PARSEC, MAIDSAFE’s brand-new agreement design. The option proposes that it will enable the network to provide the greatest levels of Byzantine fault tolerance, above services provided by equivalent DLT designs such as Hashgraph and XRP/Ripple

Whether this short-term momentum will assist to conquer MaidSafe’s longer term bear pattern stays to be seen. The token is presently down ~74% from its all-time cost high, while everyday trading volumes are down ~89% from all-time highs.

This shows an indifferent market that might not have the ability to support a longer cost run, nevertheless, optimists will hope that the property’s present cost strides show the re-emergence of MaidSafe as a longer term financial investment choice.

Trading sets and exchanges

MAIDSAFE pairs 1

In Spite Of MaidSafe having actually been readily available for trading on external platforms given that 2014, there are presently just 6 active markets for the token, and they are all crypto-to-crypto. The BTC/MAID and ETH/MAID sets comprise over 85% of everyday trading volume, near 5 million HOUSE MAID tokens, worth over USD 1 million. The next most popular sets are United States dollar Tether/MAID and Monero/MAID.


The most popular exchange for trading BTC/Maidsafe is HitBTC, which manages over 85% of trading volume in between the set, worth over USD 810,000 HitBTC was released in 2013 by Estonian and Israeli backers and uses English and Chinese user interface languages. The next most popular exchange for the set is Poloniex

The token and the SAFE network

MaidSafeC oin functions as the externally available native token for the SAFE network. The SAFE network intends to be a sharing economy for digital resources in a comparable vein to the torrent network and Napster.

Decentralized information networks have actually gotten appeal as safe and secure options to Yahoo or Facebook, which can be vulnerable to being hacked or offer user information without clearly informing their communities

Within the SAFE network there are 2 primary individuals; Customers, who gain access to functions of SAFE such as information searching, information storage, & loan transfer; and Farmers who care for customer information up until it is asked for, and after that distribute it when needed for a HOUSE MAID benefit.

The fundamental system of the MaidSafe dispersed information storage services is just: users submit a file such a piece of music or a picture and after that it is then separated into interconnected pieces prior to being hash encrypted and dispersed throughout the network. Redundant copies of the information are likewise produced so that customers can still access the information when farmers are offline.

MAID dashboard

The SAFE control panel

Information on the SAFE network is saved on vaults, handled by the Farmers. This needs bandwidth and CPU power, and since of this, MaidSafe farmers go through a Proof-of-resource process to identify their ability to offer the network.

MaidSafe’s decentralized information design uses a variety of services over standard information storage services. Information is completely secured and saved throughout numerous servers including security; users have actually an included level of privacy allowed by the encrypted outputs; interaction is censorship resistant in theory, and a native currency enables a simple technique to funnel information handler benefits, preventing external elements like permissioned banking systems.

Nevertheless, services like the SAFE network are made complex and hard to provide. The MaidSafe business revealed skeleton visions of a ‘dispersed web information storage’ option given that as early 2006, leaving a couple of in the media to call it ‘the world’s oldest startup’

Furthermore, a variety of other digital asset-backed services to the dispersed information storage difficulty have actually emerged in the last few years, such as TRON, Golem, and Filecoin, significance MaidSafe Coin has actually lost a few of its special appeal and worth proposal.

MaidSafe, nevertheless, has actually revealed that a brand-new pet dog can discover brand-new techniques, conceiving a brand-new kind of dispersed agreement, PARSEC, based upon the concept of asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance.

The recently-released whitepaper has actually gotten some traction amongst the crypto dev neighborhood, however some stay doubtful that it is the game-changing option it explains itself to be.

Vlad hates PARSEC

Vlad Zamfir is among Ethereum’s the majority of acknowledged and appreciated designers

PARSEC: Development or market afterthought?

The idea for the Procedure for Asynchronous, Reliable, Secure and Effective Agreement (PARSEC) was launched by the MaidSafe group in Q22018 Just like agreement designs in networks like Ripple and Hashgraph, PARSEC challenges the Byzantine failure present in standard PoW networks such as Bitcoin, where there is constantly a temptation for miners to build up adequate processing power to assault the networks they run within, for individual earnings, and to the hinderance of each operator in the environment.

The core of the PARSEC design is making use of a ‘gossip’ based mechanism Nodes gossip/share detailed info about the deal, and chatter about the chatter, developing an in-depth web of historic info concerning deals going through the network.

The nodes then vote to attain agreement based upon the web of chatter. Gossip-based systems have a benefit because they decrease interaction in between nodes, since it is mostly historic, fixed information (‘ a track record rating’) that is utilized for the agreement choice.

PARSEC includes aspects on top of existing gossip-based fault-tolerant designs such as the closed network utilized by Hashgraph. Systems such as synchronization in between an info getting node, and some other random node in the network, offers an additional security blanket to secure the network versus bad star nodes.

This design of agreement, while offering additional security to secure from bad stars, has a variety of restrictions. It is needed to utilize ‘Well-reputed nodes’, that have actually been confirmed in order to run on the network. Indicating to a specific level, censorship resistance and decentralization is currently lost within SAFE.

Furthermore, agreement just has to be attained within smaller sized Quorum pieces, included subgroups of the whole dispersed journal network. This style option remains in location to keep effectiveness, scalability and to avoid network traffic jams, however once again results in ideological difficulties since of the intrinsic centralization this design of agreement develops.

Nevertheless, PARSEC likewise appears to run without a ‘leader’ based system as utilized by algorithms for networks like Ripple and ICON, implying power is dispersed similarly in between nodes.

PARSEC presently exists simply as an idea, it stays to be seen the level to which the agreement design will enable the SAFE network to attend to difficulties like throughput, steady governance and scaling.

Technical analysis

Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) with Long Term Patterns

On the 1D chart, the death cross, utilizing the 50 and 200- day EMAs, stays undamaged regardless of HOUSE MAID’s relative cost strength given that early April. Furthermore, the 50- day EMA is presently serving as resistance near the $0.30 level (black arrow).


Because April, cost has actually been included within a sideways trading variety in between $0.23 and $0.50 Sometimes of composing, cost is experiencing a bounce off $0.23 and climbing up to the resistance level of $0.30 Nevertheless, the volume flow indicator(VFI) has actually stayed above 0 given that early-July (black arrow), which might show constant or growing need for HOUSE MAID. The VFI analysis is a worth above 0 is bullish and listed below 0 is bearish, with divergences in between cost and oscillator being high likelihood signals.


Ichimoku Clouds with Slow Wave Pattern Oscillator (SWTO)

The Ichimoku Cloud utilizes 4 metrics to figure out if a pattern exists; the present cost in relation to the Cloud, the color of the Cloud (red for bearish, green for bullish), the Tenkan (T) and Kijun (K) cross, Lagging Period (Chikou), and Senkou Period (A & B).

The status of the present Cloud metrics on the 1D frame with singled settings (10/30/60/30) for quicker signals is bearish; cost is listed below the Cloud, Cloud is bearish, the TK cross is bearish, and the Lagging Period is listed below the Cloud and cost.

A standard long entry would accompany a cost break above the Cloud, referred to as a Kumo breakout, with cost holding above the Cloud. From there, the trader would utilize either the Tenkan, Kijun, or Senkou A as their routing stop.

HOUSE MAID is presently sitting at ~$ 0.28 after bouncing off its constant cost assistance of $0.23 Because, then cost has actually struck medium-term resistance at the $0.30 level (previous stopped working resistance and 50- day EMA). Furthermore, the SWTO is still trending upwards and has more space to run up until overbought area, which might recommend that cost will have adequate momentum to reach the Kumo breakout level of ~$ 0.35, however insufficient momentum to hold it. For either circumstance, the assistance level is $0.23(rushed line) which has actually held as strong assistance given that April. If that assistance stops working, $0.20 and $0.15 assistance levels will likely be checked. In the not likely occasion of a Kumo breakout, cost targets are $0.40 and $0.47


The status of the present Cloud metrics on the everyday amount of time with doubled settings (20/60/120/30) for more precise signals is bearish; cost is listed below the Cloud, Cloud is bearish, the TK cross is bearish, and the Lagging Period is listed below the Cloud and cost.

Rate is pressing to a Kumo breakout effort, where cost would have to break above the flat Senkou B level of $0.36 Nevertheless, the SWTO and resistance levels along the method make its success not likely. Nevertheless, if this low likelihood occasion takes place, cost targets are $0.40 and $0.48


Nevertheless, short-term, momentum traders, might look positively at the 4H chart (even with the present drop) where cost is presently experiencing a Kumo breakout utilizing (20/60/120/30) settings. In addition, traders getting in a long position in between $0.26 to $0.28(cost sometimes of composing) need to take a look at 1D Cloud breakout levels of $0.35(10/30/60/30) and $0.36(20/60/120/30) as most likely take earnings levels; if the trade shows effective.



The HOUSE MAID token is connected to among the dispersed journal areas earliest and most identifiable jobs. Having at one point been a top 10 asset, it has actually lost a few of its radiance in current times, as rivals have actually gone into the area, making the SAFE network’s services appear far less special than they as soon as were.

Maidsafe trends MaidSafe historic appeal

Based upon current cost motions, nevertheless, the token’s potential customers might appear brighter, even if the brand-new agreement algorithm just offers a small upgrade to the network.

The technicals for HOUSE MAID are bearish regardless of cost strength given that April and its present upward cost bounce. Traders excited to take part in the short-term cost momentum will take a look at the 4H chart to perform a possibly financially rewarding short-term trade. Both the sensible short-term trader (10/30/60/30) and longer term trader (20/60/120/30), on the 1D chart, will wait for a favorable TK cross and Kumo breakout above $0.35 and $0.36, respectively, prior to getting in a long position. The essential assistance level for cost is $0.23(important to hold). Effective, 1D chart, Kumo breakout cost targets are $0.40 and $0.47

Disclaimer: This analysis has actually been developed for educational and academic functions just. Readers are recommended to perform their own independent research study into specific properties prior to purchasing choice.

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