After $50, Litecoin (LTC) Can Quickly Double and Skyrocket to $110

After $50, Litecoin (LTC) Can Quickly Double and Skyrocket to $110
  • Litecoin cost up 18.3 percent in the recently
  • CoinBase Wallet now supports Litecoin (LTC)
  • Transactional volumes up

With CoinBase wallet, traders and financiers can benefit from this safe and secure and Segwit supporting platform to keep their stash consisting of Litecoin (LTC). On the other hand, it seeks rates cross the $50 mark that risk-averse traders can increase with very first targets at $70 and $110

Litecoin Cost Analysis


Competitors for supremacy simply got stiffer: CoinBase wallet, a hot wallet, that explains itself as the “ world’s leading user-custodied crypto wallet” now supports Litecoin (LTC). Total with a multi-coin function, the addition of Litecoin is an action in the ideal instructions and indicate underlying need from users. Litecoin matches Bitcoin and is the 5th most important coin in current rankings thanks to their outstanding efficiency in the last 3 weeks. At the time of press, the currency was up 19.9 percent in the previous week, and the brand-new assistance is a reprieve for financiers in addition to traders looking for a safe residence versus marauding hackers.

The wallet supports “ more recent Segwit address formats for lower miner costs, in addition to Tradition addresses for backwards compatibility in all applications” Besides, they have first-class security in location. Apart from securing personal secrets on the user phone, CoinBase wallet includes Secure Enclave indicating the exchange’s track record will stay undamaged as they give utilize the best-in-class security function to secure user funds.

In other news, Jack Dorsey– who together with Charlie Lee and other interested celebrations invested $2.5 million in the Lightning Network– is utilizing the Tipping Web browser Extension to get LN ideas. Boost use of the brand-new scaling option will undoubtedly cause require in Litecoin as the network’s LN mirrors that of BTC and acquire momentum.

Candlestick Plans


At area rates, Litecoin (LTC) is up 18.3 percent and a couple of cents from breaching the $50 resistance level. Like in all our LTC/USD price analysis, the response at $50 will figure out the medium to long term pattern. It will be more so if purchasers develop enough momentum and close above $50 at the back of high trade volumes in a reflection of Feb 8 and Feb 18 increases.

In line with our trade strategies, every dip will technically be a purchasing chance, and as long as rates are above $35, bulls have the upper hand. As soon as there is a rally above $50, the bear breakout pattern of early Nov 2018 will be void as Litecoin (LTC) bulls take control, driving rates to $70, $90 and later on $110

Technical Indicators

After 2 weeks of bulls’ strength, LTC is now retesting the $50 resistance mark. We are net bullish, and our recommendation bar is Feb 8–832 k versus 202 k and Feb 18–522 k versus 262 k. In spite of purchasers, we require a strong breakout, and the only presentation is if there is a high-volume bar breaking above $50 with above-average volumes preferably going beyond 522 k on the lower side and 832 k on the advantage.