Crisis at Crypto Exchanges? Bithumb Announces Cut in Labor Force

Crisis at Crypto Exchanges? Bithumb Announces Cut in Labor Force

Following a series of current layoffs and closures within the market, leading Korean exchange Bithumb does the same by revealing it will cut its labor force in half by the end of this month. While the marketplace is presently revealing indications of optimism, this news brings an unwanted suggestion to the truths of a prolonged bearishness.

” Voluntary Retirement” At Bithumb

Coindesk Korea broke the news of Bithumb’s plans on Monday 18 th March. Information reveal the business will decrease its existing labor force of 310 staff members to150 A spokesperson for the company commented:

” It holds true, voluntary retirement is prepared to decrease the overall variety of staff members by 50% by the end of the month.”

Bithumb has actually established a company-sponsored program to assist previous staff members. The effort will supply assistance and training to discover brand-new work. Nevertheless, news of more task cuts in the crypto area is bringing additional unpredictability.

Crypto Exchanges Are Feeling The Pinch

Onchain Capital CEO, Ran Neuner, mentioned that crypto exchanges would continue to have a hard time in the coming year. He takes an unsympathetic view by associating the problems to an absence of company insight.

” I’m anticipating more exchanges to close down in this bearishness. In 2015 everybody hurried to begin an exchange. Exchanges need facilities that is costly to preserve and most will not endure this.”

The news of layoffs at Bithumb was the current of lots of current statements, consisting of:


The UK exchange blamed decreasing trade volume as the reason for pressures on the business. In a declaration, the CEO, Obi Nwosu, stated:

” Coinfloor is presently going through a service restructure to concentrate on our competitive benefits in the market and to finest serve our customers. As part of this restructure, we are making some personnel modifications and redundancies.”


Singapore-based Huobi faced problem as an outcome of falling Bitcoin costs. A spokesperson for the company stated they are enhancing staffing by cutting the worst-performing staff members. However she fasted to explain that chances stay resilient at the core of its company and in emerging markets.


Shapeshift revealed they were cutting a 3rd of their personnel as an outcome of their rush to broaden. The CEO, Erick Vorhees, discussed how restructuring was inescapable due to the fact that the variety of personnel merely grew faster than the business might preserve.


At the end of January this year, the Ukrainian-based exchange closed down its whole operation. A declaration on their site checks out:

” Much to our remorse, after this action Liqui is no longer able to supply liquidity for the Users left. We likewise do not see any financial point in offering you with our services. Nevertheless, we do not wish to go back to where we were a month back. For this reason, we chose to close all accounts and stop offering our services. It broke our hearts to do that.”

The Future

As the marketplace adapts to harder trading conditions, and increased examination from regulators, it is inescapable that some exchanges will have a hard time. While it would be severe to call any of the exchanges above bad stars, or doing not have in company acumen, we should advise ourselves that market forces will choose who will make it through.