Crypto in the Mainstream: Ether Makes Cameo in Netflix Series

Crypto in the Mainstream: Ether Makes Cameo in Netflix Series

Popular film and series streaming platform Netflix has actually simply launched the 2nd series of its initial program, The OA, and remarkably, it includes making use of the native crypto possession on the Ethereum blockchain, Ether (ETH). The science-fiction secret drama focuses on an imaginary online puzzle video game (probably an Ethereum-based decentralised application) called Q Symphony.

Among the characters in the program has actually won a considerable quantity of Ether playing Q Symphony. Besides being Ethereum that takes centre phase, what’s remarkably is that the addition has little to do with either the Dark Web, trading, or money laundering.

Ethereum on Netflix: An Advantage for Crypto Adoption

The 2nd most popular crypto by market capitalisation has actually been included plainly in the 2nd series of a Netflix initial program, The OA. The very first episode presents Ether as the currency utilized to reward gamers on an imaginary online puzzle video game called Symphony Q.

Fittingly, offered its crypto material, the 2nd series of The OA, entitled “Part II” is based in tech-hub San Francisco. Whilst we are not going to offer any spoilers here, the program is greatly affected by both science-fiction and the supernatural. The story starts with a woman going missing who has actually made a considerable amount of Ether playing Symphony Q. Prior to her disappearance, she had actually sent out all her profits to her grandma.

As you can see from the screenshot listed below, the series was shot prior to the current bearishness desecrating rates. No doubt numerous viewing the very first episode, entitled “Chapter 1: Homecoming”, will have cursed the directors for not utilizing a more current rate:

Relatively, The OA is embeded in a truth in which rates throughout the whole crypto market did not invest the majority of 2018 plunging downwards. This is rather forgivable given that the action is set throughout several measurements.

Although cryptocurrency has actually been utilized to drive plots in pop culture a number of times in current years, what differentiates this most current reference is the reality that The OA’s story does not focus around the dark web (as holds true in the film Unfriended: Dark Web, which came out in 2015), computer system hackers (like in an episode of The Blacklist, likewise a Netflix program), or solely on trading (as in an episode of Billions aired in 2015).

By contrast, the Ether in The OA has actually been granted for playing a computer game, probably comparable– at stated value, a minimum of– to the numerous decentralised video games in development worldwide today. Crypto as a payment approach appears to have actually been mainly accepted without concern as a genuine methods of worth transfer for the program’s characters too.

It is likewise fascinating to see Ethereum take centre phase over the certainly more recognisableBitcoin Seemingly, the program’s writing department is crypto-savvy enough to separate in between the possible future usage cases of both digital properties.

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