diamDEXX Lets You Purchase Physical Diamonds with Crypto

diamDEXX Lets You Purchase Physical Diamonds with Crypto

Although the cryptocurrency markets are considerably less unstable than they as soon as were, volatility is still a significant concern for financiers. This is still the case with Bitcoin– the de-facto cryptocurrency that is typically described as a shop of worth. Although Bitcoin, and numerous other cryptocurrencies, do have qualities that look like a shop of worth– significantly their restricted and limited supply, nevertheless, severe volatility limits financiers from securing their wealth.

In order to ease the dangers of sharp, unanticipated prices variations, a number of choices do exist for cryptocurrency financiers. For instance, Tether (USDT) is pegged to the USD on a like-for-like basis, indicating that financiers can secure their wealth throughout times of unpredictability. Not just does this permit financiers to leave a trade when the marketplaces are bearish, however they likewise have the choice to exchange their tokens for real-world dollars.

Nevertheless, Tether has actually gone through a variety of scandals in current times. The most recent centers around the company calmly upgrading their terms, which now suggests that USDT tokens may not be backed 100% by fiat currency. It was also reported that the company has actually been actively providing reserves to 3rd parties.

The similarity TrueUSD takes things one action even more, by using a custom-made algorithm that guarantees a 1:1 parity with the USD. While on the one hand, this does possibly counter the concerns of openness, an additional issue still stays legitimate– inflation.

The dangers of inflation are genuine

The dangers of inflation are typically under-discussed worldwide of stable-coins. To highlight how inflation can gnaw at a person’s wealth, the USD deserves 18.5% less today than it remained in 2009– the year Bitcoin was introduced. This implies that a product costing $10,000 in 2009 would now cost $11,84887

With the U.S. federal government dealing with financial obligations of more than $22 trillion as of February 2019, quantitative reducing programs ever more present, and fears that a financial collapse is all however particular, inflation is a major issue. One just requires to take a look at Venezuela to comprehend what a mix of inflation and bad financial policies can do to a nation.

With all that being stated, the cryptocurrency financial investment area remains in alarming requirement of a real steady token that will permit people to secure their wealth from the dangers of inflation, in addition to volatility and market bearishness.

This is where the 2018 start-up diamDEXX is wanting to shine.

diamDEXX and the diamond-backed steady token

In a nutshell, diamDEXX permits financiers to buy, own and if needed, physically shop real-world diamonds in a decentralized nature. Due to the fractionized abilities of the blockchain procedure, diamDEXX users can own diamonds proportionate to what they can pay for.

This likewise implies that token holders can trade their diamonds on the open market, all of which is assisted in by the platform’s safe and transparent eco-system.

It is most typically Gold that is described as the trademark shop of worth, nevertheless, this is not always the case. While Gold does have a limited supply, the hidden property is exceptionally unstable. As you’ll see from the listed below bit, Gold has actually increased or reduced by double-digit percentages in a minimum of 5 fiscal year in between 2009 and 2016.


This successfully makes Gold a bad option when it pertains to securing your wealth.

On the contrary, diamond rates are considerably less unstable outdoors market, while still holding the basic attribute of having a limited supply. Furthermore, diamonds are likewise essential in the building markets, as they are utilized to drill holes in concrete and stone surface areas.

This provides the diamonds real-world use beyond simply fashion jewelry.

When utilizing the diamDEXX platform, users have the choice of acquiring diamond-backed steady tokens, DIAMs, in exchange for 7 various cryptocurrencies.

When transformed to DIAM, the tokens are represented by physical diamonds kept in among 5 audited vaults. To secure the stability of the diamDEXX eco-system, the physical diamonds are audited by IDEX (International Diamond Exchange), and completely managed by the jurisdiction that the particular vault lies.

The DIAM tokens are held firmly in the native diamDEXX wallet, which permits users to save their financial investment in a decentralized nature. When it pertains to offering the DIAM tokens at a later date, financiers have the option of exchanging them back to an alternative cryptocurrency on a 3rd party exchange, or if needed, take real-world shipment of the real physical diamonds.

Diamond-backed tokens represent a real shop of worth

In summary, while enduring steady coins such as Tether have actually set the structures for a steady system to ease the dangers of volatility, particular defects still exist. This defect centers on the failure for currency-backed steady tokens to prevent long-lasting decline due to ever-growing inflation levels.

On the contrary, by holding steady tokens that are backed by a real shop of worth such as diamonds, financiers can secure their wealth long-lasting, devoid of the dangers of inflation, in addition to severe volatility and financial collapse.

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