Ethereum Classic Thinks About Network Rollback Following $5.6 M Theft

Ethereum Classic Thinks About Network Rollback Following $5.6 M Theft

Ethereum Traditional suffered a 51% attack last weekend, the 2nd such attack in less than 2 years. Preliminary examinations at the time revealed no proof of double-spending.

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 Ethereum Traditional (ETC) rate drops after reports of a 51% attack. (Source:

Nevertheless, nearly a week on, even more examinations have actually exposed that the aggressor handled to double-spend 807,206 ETC ($5.6 million) over a 2 day duration.

According to information analysis by Bitquery, the aggressor placed 11 deals into the re-organized chain. They likewise kept in mind that the aggressor utilized simply 17.5 BTC ($192 k) to obtain the hashing power required to divide the chain.

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Lightning Strikes Two Times

This is not the very first time that Ethereum Classic has actually been assaulted. Back in January 2019, assaulters carried out a 51% attack to double-spend 219,500 ETC ($ 1.1 million).

The scale of the weekend theft is much higher than the previous attack. This leads numerous to question the practicality of the task moving forward.

A short article published in May 2018 entitled, “The Realistic Lucrative Case of Ethereum Classic attack — Today,” took a look at the expense to 51% attack the Ethereum Classic network.

To come to a price quote, the author utilized the formula:

Overall Network Hashrate/ Effective Miner Hashrate = Miner Systems required
Miner Systems required * Miner System Expense + Electrical Energy = 51% Attack expense

The network hashrate balanced 7000 GH/s in 2018, while the miner hashrate for an Antminer E3 was 0.18 GH/s.

For That Reason 38,888 Antminer E3s were required, priced at $2,150 each, plus $150 k each day for electrical energy, corresponding to an approximated expense to assault the ETC network of $85 million.

Given That 2018, hashrate on the Ethereum Classic network has actually dropped considerably. At present, it’s around the 4000 GH/s mark.

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In addition, miners have actually ended up being far more effective in current times, with Bitmain’s Antminer S19 Pro able to hash 110 TH/s.

Reducing network hashrate and increasing miner performance indicated Ethereum Classic was ripe for attack.

Possible Ethereum Classic Rollback in the Functions

Recuperating from this will be challenging as security is the structure of any severe blockchain.

At the exact same time, immutability must suggest what’s done is done.

Nevertheless, Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) today tweeted that he had actually gotten an alert that Ethereum Classic are trying a network rollback to reverse the attack.

Ethereum Classic happened due to a community split on how to handle a $50 million theft from a designer app on the Ethereum blockchain.

Some wished to roll the network back to return the Ether to the rightful owners, others took the view that a person of the main tenets of cryptocurrency is irreversibility.

In 2016, Ethereum went through a tough fork to customize the code and go back the hack. Whereas Ethereum Classic continued as it was.

If CZ’s alert shows precise then it would be rather paradoxical that Ethereum Classic designers picked to roll the network back.

In either case, core designers require to think about long term methods to protect the network.

Otherwise, it will not be long prior to we find out about a 3rd attack.

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