MobiePay Rebrands into Mobie Network to Expand the Scope of Technologies and Products

MobiePay Rebrands into Mobie Network to Expand the Scope of Technologies and Products

MobiePay, a popular service that intends to bridge the space in between blockchain and the mainstream, has actually just recently revealed a significant modification of its brand name. The task has actually now altered its name to Mobie Network.

At first, the task began as MobiePay, in order for individuals to understand what kind of task the group is establishing and what type of service they prepare to provide. Nevertheless, as the advancement continued, the task chose to expand the scope of various innovations and items that it intends to develop and provide.

However, with all the brand-new items in the pipeline, the name MobiePay no longer does it justice, showing that the task provides less than what it really has. As an outcome, its group chose to rebrand into Mobie Network, which is anticipated to aid with more energy within their platform.

The modification will likewise assist develop the Mobie environment into a correct network, rather of being just a payment/banking performance. On top of that, the task will likewise improve its items with other on-chain and off-chain items.

The task’s supreme objective is to turn its Mobie Network into a center for all of the crypto-specific development that is incorporated under the Mobie umbrella. This is implied to consist of whatever, from MobieSwap, Mobie Bridge, the token side of the app, staking and rewards performances, the tokenized neighborhood, and more.

What Developments are Including Mobie Network?

Mobie Network will likewise develop mainstream items with blockchain by bridging the space in between user experience and this emerging innovation. One method to do it is to supply a more individualized payment experience. Particularly, the task will provide an individual and service financing app that will be offered online and mobile alike. Next, they intend to provide an effective and trustworthy entrance for crypto and fiat currencies alike.

This will permit them to deal with anything, from checkouts to transfers. Mobie Network likewise prepares to get associated with video gaming payments. Crypto and video gaming have actually been a terrific match for several years now, and Mobie Network can add to that relationship even more by bringing ingenious payments, information, and advanced analytics.

Mentioning analytics, the company is bringing customer and market insights to those who require it, and in doing so, it can assist drive commitment and conversions for merchants in any market.

Lastly, with the NFT sector exploding in 2021, it is not unexpected that Mobie Network is considering that area too. In regards to NFTs, it will support users with production, buying, keeping, or switching them, with all of the deals being simple and easy, effective, and with a smooth user interface.

Obviously, the network will continue to permit users to invest, send out, make, or offer money or cryptocurrencies quickly. There is a clear benefit to being able to do all of this from one area. Nevertheless, Mobie Network is going even further than that now, using users to utilize crypto for daily purchases, it provides rewards for adoption and development through cashback and affiliate income, and it streamlines payments for the merchants, making it much easier for them to begin accepting cryptocurrencies.

In doing so, merchants stand to end up being a part of an exceptionally popular emerging crypto market and increase the variety of consumers through inclusiveness.


All in all, MobiePay was a crucial chapter in the task’s history, today it is time to take the next action, and Mobie Network is the working name for this brand-new section of the business’s history.

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