Paytomat and CoinLoan Have Actually Made It Possible to Buy Tokens Without Investing Cryptocurrency

Paytomat and CoinLoan Have Actually Made It Possible to Buy Tokens Without Investing Cryptocurrency

Buying up-and-coming blockchain start-ups is now possible without offering your own cryptoassets. CoinLoan loaning platform has actually revealed a case on how to get tokens while HODLing due to the coming IEO token sale of Paytomat, a cryptocurrency payment options business.

The token acquisition design proposed by the Coinloan platform provides all the individuals an alternative to obtain fiat funds rather of investing their own cryptoassets. Due to this, the financier stays guaranteed versus an unpredicted drop in token cost, which frequently occurs in the digital possession market. Such reinsurance might well bring back financier self-confidence in token sales and renew the marketplace.

The chosen token circulation design– IEO or Preliminary Exchange Offering– is likewise more advantageous for the financier than the ICO. It accelerates the procedure of obtaining tokens and delegates a variety of threats from the purchaser to an exchange.

Unlike ICOs which presume listing of the token post factum, IEO enables individuals to begin trading instantly. While the ICO launches tokens when financing gets finished, the job running its IEO very first produces the tokens and after that sends them to the trading platform. The platform, in turn, ends up being an extra element of financier self-confidence. It cuts off frauds by making its own research study on threats, start-up’s monetary conditions and market position.

The primary objective of the Coinloan and Paytomat cooperation is to end up being the very first IEO using the possibility of loaning funds rather of investing financier’s crypto properties. If the financial investment does not validate itself or is listed below expectations, the user’s BTCs or ETHs stay undamaged.


” Let’s state you have 0.5 BTC presently traded for 2,000 USD,” recommends Alex Faliushin, Co-Founder and CEO at CoinLoan. ” Offering it, you can purchase 407500 PTI. Or obtain 1200 USD versus this crypto to purchase 244500 PTI. The 2nd choice does not look convincing, however let us rather compute.”


” In a positive circumstance, when in one year both BTC and PTI doubled in cost you still have 0.5 BTC worth 4000 USD now and 244500 PTI approximated at 2400 USD. It’s 6400 USD completely, minus 1320 USD you’re to pay back for a loan. Net revenue is 5080 USD while offering your BTC you’ll get 4000 USD just,” Alex Faliushin includes.

coinloan Alex states that it’s likewise advantageous to utilize crypto-backed loans to secure yourself in case of dangerous financial investments.

How to Take Part In Payomat IEO?

The IEO starts on April 1 and will last for 3 days just.

To get more info and participate in the token sale without offering your own crypto properties, continue to the CoinLoan platform