Robinhood Suggestion: Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin

Robinhood Suggestion: Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin

Today’s greatest news isn’t about Bitcoin, however since the cryptocurrency and others trade on the platform at the center of the scandal, it is a get up require financiers.

Robinhood today stopped trading of GameStop shares and other stocks, setting the web ablaze with anger. At the very same time, it ought to function as a suggestion for those who utilize the platform for crypto market direct exposure of the expression: “Not your secrets, not your Bitcoin.”

Robinhood Stops Trading On Select Stocks, Is Their Crypto Service Next?

The expression likewise commonly uses to all “coins,” however it is Bitcoin that has taken center stage in finance over the in 2015.

Crypto properties like it are protected behind a layer of cryptography. Each wallet includes a public crucial serving as the address users use to send and receive assets, while a personal secret is efficiently the password to the account.

The decentralized style permits self-custody of properties. However when users buy cryptocurrencies on an exchange and hold them there, technically the exchange owns the personal secret to the wallet holding the properties, and therefore the expression was created.

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When another entity manages the personal secret to crypto properties, they are at danger ofpotential hacks or seizure The platform where the properties are saved likewise have a layer of control over coins the user themselves really own.

The only method to guarantee total ownership and security of crypto properties, is to self custody, ideallyin an offline cold storage wallet This isn’t a fool-proof option and lots of crypto financiers found out that the difficult method, however that’s another story.

This story rather concentrates on Robinhood, which uses direct exposure to cryptocurrencies, yet does not enable them to be moved off the platform in a wallet that the user themselves own. Coinbase, for instance, lets users move crypto easily to any wallet they desire.

No such option exists whatsoever for Robinhood users, who technically do not own any really cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin they believe they have, is simply an IOU for BTC.

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 GameStop shares collapsed when Robinhood stopped trading, leaving just the choice to offer|Source: NYSE-GME on

Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin: Move Cash To Purchase Actual Assets

As retail traders are now experiencing, Robinhood isn’t the free enterprise they believed it was, and have had the capability to purchase shares of GameStop and other stocks limited as part of a much bigger debate including Reddit, hedge fund Melvin Capital, and lots of other gamers.

At any given minute, Robinhood might limit purchasing or selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provided on the trading app. The business has actually currently shown that they want to flex when the powers that be require it, and it might leave possibly thousands and even countless financiers without access to cryptocurrencies.

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Undoubtedly, that’s a worst-case situation that would be hard to think of taking place, however anything is possible when it concerns the elite desperate to maintain the control they’ve long had and are now losing thanks to innovations like Bitcoin.

Those with crypto on Robinhood may wish to think about offering and taking the capital to purchase real digital properties they can custody themselves.

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