A Big Data Art NFT Partnership With Brittany Kaiser

A Big Data Art NFT Partnership With Brittany Kaiser

As Kenn Bosak discusses in the launch podcast we did together with Brittany Kaiser; you need to have lived under a rock not to understand who Brittany is. Her life story juxtaposes huge information, blockchain, info security, Facebook, and now, art about all of it to be tokenized.

If we desire defense, we require to begin considering our information as our home, because, if nobody has actually discovered, home is held up and safeguarded lawfully.

Brittany Kaiser

The Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, now co-founder of Own Your Data Foundation, will be taking a trip to Helsinki in January 2021 to team up with me on both multimedias physical and NFT art work to be released in the spring in a red carpet affair in London. The task will all at once see a metaverse launch in Crypto Voxels, and will continue to take a trip to a 2nd auction chance in New york city physically.

Enjoy the launch announcement podcast with Kenn Bosak, Brittany & Natalie Kaiser, Ben Leff, and myself.

The launch will consist of pieces using a lot of the offered brand-new innovations to reveal concepts with, and most notably, will topically be a bullseye Ikigai on things of interest to our blockchain neighborhood.

The documentary The Great Hack about her story is offered on Netflix. It has actually been chosen for a BAFTA along with an Oscar, showing the information strip mining unlike any other. It presently has around 100 million views on the platform.

For sponsorship & presence chances, please contact the Director of Communications at Own Your Information Structure, Mr. Benjamin Leff

ben (at) ownyourdata (dot) structure

More news coming quickly.

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